Gift ideas that get the furry family members’ tails wagging!

10 ways to spoil the pooch this holiday season

Jack Russell Terrier fetches his toy while walking on leash

Whether it’s a puppy or senior dog waiting at home, here are gift ideas that get furry family members’ tails wagging!

1 ) Tornado Toy

Hours of interactive fun can be had with this toy, which encourages dogs to safely manipulate parts in order to find treats hidden underneath. You can decide how many treats to hide inside the toy, thus varying the degree of difficulty for your dog. This toy will keep your dog mentally and physically engaged and is ideal for dogs of all ages.

Tip: Dogs of all ages and sizes can be prone to chewing toys. Practice safe measures and never leave a dog alone with a toy that can be swallowed and cause internal health complications. Always buy a toy that is the right size for your pet.

2 ) Orbee-Tuff® Mazee

This popular dog toy has multiple features: an interactive puzzle that offers hours of long-lasting, brain-stimulating entertainment and a translucent and pliable outer shell combined with an inner maze activates several of the dog’s senses—they can hear, see, and smell the treats while they solve the puzzle. Stuff this toy with small treats; ideal for dogs of any size.

3 ) Dog subscription boxes

Get toys and treats sent directly to your pup through popular subscription boxes such as Barkbox, Toys 4 Tails, and Hound Bakery.  A variety of subscription plans are available online, offering a choice from 3, 6 or 12 months, each at different prices. 

Tip: Be sure that the pet receiving the gift can handle a variety of food sources and does not have a sensitive stomach before choosing this gift option.

4 ) Personalized dog collar

If you’re in the market for a new dog collar, consider buying one that you can personalize with your pet’s name and your phone number. Not only will your dog benefit from a trendy new accessory but you won’t worry about missing dog identification tags in the event your pet becomes separated from you. Online vendors are plentiful; Orvis, the nation’s oldest mail-order outfitter specializing in outdoor gear, sells a personalized leather dog collar that is durable and water resistant for more active dogs.

Cute curious gray kitten is trying to look into a gift box.

5 ) Dog bed

There’s no time like winter to give your pooch a new cozy spot to curl up on. There are a plethora of dog beds available, such as orthopedic, donut-supporting, bolster enforced, heated, water-resistant, rounded, rectangular or elevated. For the snuggler in your family, try the Cozy Cave Pet Bed, the perfect choice for dogs (and cats) who prefer to burrow under covers while catching some Zs. Available in three sizes, the cover is machine washable.

6 ) Eco-friendly pet gifts

Interested in reducing your pet’s carbon paw print? Go green this year and buy your pet an eco-friendly gift. The Cycle Dog sells only environmentally-conscious pet products including beds, treats, collars, leashes, apparel, blankets, bowls and toys such as the Springy Snake, a popular choice for pet owners with curious dogs. These toys also float in the water, making them fun outdoor toys, too.

7 ) Bright Steps reflective leg band

Bright Steps Reflective Leg Bands is a budget-friendly pet accessory that is great for dogs taken on evening walks.

Tip: Don’t forget to remove the leg bands after walking your dog to prevent discomfort, which could lead to chewing on the bands.

8 ) Dog obedience training

Dog obedience training is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will your dog learn valuable socialization skills, tone down any rambunctious behavior and bond with you, the training itself is a great form of mental exercise that will leave any pooch exhausted for hours after a good session. Prices will vary based on the facility and package you purchase.

9 ) Annual vet check-up

For your own dog or a friend’s, an annual checkup with the family veterinarian can be a life-saving gift. During an annual checkup, a veterinarian will conduct a physical examination, listening to the dog’s lungs, looking in his ears, mouth, and eyes, and checking for lumps and bumps over the dog’s body. Many veterinarians offer gift certificates for services such as annual exams.  If purchasing this as a gift for a friend, make sure you find out who their family veterinarian is so that the dog will feel comfortable visiting a familiar place.

10 ) Pet insurance

One of the greatest gifts you can give your pup is protection from the unexpected. With My Pet Protection® from Nationwide®, you can provide your pet with unbeatable health coverage at an affordable price.  This plan is available exclusively through workplace benefits programs.  Find the level of coverage that fits your family’s needs and budget. Visit to learn more.