Max the Brave: An Adventurous Cat Overcomes Illness

Fluffy, fearless Siberian Forest cat Max loves exploring new places. Whether it’s on his leash or through the window of his backpack carrier, he’s always up for an adventure, camping, hiking, and roaming the hills of San Francisco with his owner, Truman. That’s why when Truman came home from a short solo trip to find his feline friend acting ill, he knew at once that something was very wrong.

Truman rushed Max to an emergency vet hospital, where he was “crushed and devastated” by the news that Max had a potentially life-threatening urinary blockage. After other treatments had failed, a $15,000 surgery was the only option left, and with the situation worsening, Truman had to decide on the spot whether to give the green light. When he discussed it with his girlfriend, Tiffany, the choice was clear: he would pay for the surgery up front and deal with the cost later. “It’s [Max’s] life,” he explains.

Fortunately, when Max was a kitten in 2015, a veterinarian friend had warned Truman that male cats are prone to urinary blockages and suggested pet insurance for future emergencies. Because Truman’s employer offered pet insurance through Nationwide®, it was quick and simple for him to acquire the coverage Max needed to protect their family against the unexpected.

“I did do some research on other insurance companies just to see what was out there. [You want to know] if they’re reliable, if they’re easy to work with…and Nationwide had really great reviews,” Truman says. “With things like insurance, you just never think about it until it’s too late, and I’m really happy that I decided to go for it. It definitely makes it easier to treat and have that peace of mind with your pet.”

With his surgery behind him, Max is back in action, exploring everywhere from national parks to the park down the street—and he and Truman are looking forward to many more years of adventures. Meet them both in our video, Mighty Max’s Story, and be sure to share the benefits of pet insurance with your employees so they can enjoy the same peace of mind. Accidents and illness may happen, but with protection from Nationwide®—and the ease of adding coverage through your company—they’ll have taken the most important step towards a long, happy future together.